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Discover our quick and seamless integration of your innovaphone PBX with your business applications thanks to our EasyConnect app. We make use of well known standards and protocols available in any low-code or development environment.

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Administration REST API
Get, update and delete objects from your own applications or automations.
Call Control REST API
Control calls via the REST API from your own (web) application.
Configurable webhooks
Configure your application URL and get notified about administration changes and call monitoring.
To run EasyConnect, you need a license file that is linked to the MAC ID of your innovaphone PBX. It contains the number of licenses for each of the APIs that you need. A license file is valid for 12 months, after which you need to renew. You can request a test license for 30 days.
This is how it works
  • Admin API
    Set call forward on no response/answer.
    An employee is out of the office and wants to forward his calls to a colleague. He has no access to his telephone device. The company could make available a web page on the intranet, SharePoint or a small Teams app allowing this employee to initiate this function with only one mouse click.
  • Admin API
    Add/remove a user.
    The company uses an own HR management system. When a new employee starts, the creating of a new record in this HR system could call the Admin API to automatically create a user object in the innovaphone PBX. In the same way, the user object in the PBX can automatically be removed upon deletion in the HR system.
  • Call Control API
    Initiate a call.
    The sales team of a company uses a CRM tool in which all customers and their contact information is stored. Most CRM systems provide a 'call this contact button' next to the telephone numbers. By using the API, the event of pushing this button can be easily translated into the launch of a call in the innovaphone PBX.
  • Call Control API
    Call control.
    As an extension to use case 3, one could provide a full phone control into the CRM system. Next to initiating a call, this control can support accepting a call (off hook) and finishing a call (on-hook).
  • Call Control API
    Missed call notification.
    We take again the example of a sales person using a CRM application. It might be interesting to add a task in the CRM system upon missing a call from a customer. By using the webhook function in EasyConnect, you get notified of such events so that you can take appropriate action.
This is how we work
Introduction session
First and foremost, we start by listening carefully to your story. What are your business challenges and company difficulties? What solutions are you looking for?
In depth scan
Secondly, we perform a deep scan of your organization's IT environment. As a result, we define action points and - if necessary - we work out a first proof of concept.
The project defined
Now we have a scan of the current situation, a stragegy and action plan and a proof of concept. We make a detailed proposal for the entire project.
Let's do this
After your approval, we execute our plan and work our magic. We always set up a detailed plan and start delivering your unique software solutions.
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